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Welcome to the Dark Reign


We are an established casual Horde raiding guild on the Khaz Modan server.

Our raids are relaxed, but productive; team oriented, rather than a competition of individuals.

Seeing and experiencing the content is our priority.  We know that if we run the content we will eventually loot the item. We practice good sportsmanship. We do not mourn losing a roll to another member of the raid; we congratulate them on their fortune and take pride in our teamwork. The gear will come with experience.

We recruit people, not toons. Our guild members are our team; not raid slots. We do not judge the worth of a player by their gear scores. What we require of our guild members is a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and the giving and acceptance helpful advice without offense. We would sooner recruit someone who is not completely epic geared who has a good attitude and willingness to learn, succeed and prosper, than someone who is only here because we can get them gear.

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